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Takana: Live editing for SCSS

Takana is a live editor for SCSS and CSS, that shows you changes in the browser as you make them. Just install it, along with the JavaScript snippet ...

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Timesheet.js: Data and event visualizations

Timesheet.js makes it easy to visualize data and events using HTML5 and CSS3, with no external dependencies. Create timelines with JavaScript and then style them with CSS.

75+ High-Res Textures from - only $11!

Humans are a pretty visual bunch. We like to see detail and depth in everything, even websites. That's where something as simple as textures can make a huge ...

Gradient Inspector: Inspect CSS gradients in Chrome

Gradient Inspector is an extension that adds the ability to inspect the gradient of elements to Chrome's Developer Tools. You can even toggle each gradient individually.

CSS  -  jQuery

Animsition: Simple CSS animated page transitions

Animsition is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to add CSS animated page transitions. It offers 18 different animations, including various fades, rotations, flips, and zooms.

Colorful CSS Gradient Background Generator: Easily create complex CSS gradients

This Color CSS Gradient Background Generator makes it easy to create complex backgrounds gradients using CSS. Forget about simple two color gradients, and instead create gradients with up ...

Caesar: Easier CSS easing animation

Caesar is a CSS tool that makes it simple to create easing animations. Choose from height, width, opacity, or direction (or combine effects).

Orbit: A CSS preprocessor experiment

Orbit is an experiment with CSS preprocessors that creates an orbit effect for DOM elements. You can tweak and customize it to make it behave the way you ...

PACE: Progress load bars with JavaScript and CSS

PACE (Progress Automatically. Certain to Entertain.) is an automatic page load progress bar built with JavaScript and CSS. There are a number of themes available, including barber shop, ...