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SpaceBase: A Sass-based responsive framework

SpaceBase is a responsive Sass-based CSS framework. It's built to be added onto and tailored to fit your needs.

Blackhole: Minimalist SCSS/CSS framework

Blackhole is a minimalist SCSS/CSS framework that's flexible and powerful. It's modular, focuses on semantics, and encourages users to write clear code.

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MUI: Material Design CSS framework

MUI is a Material Design framework that includes HTML, CSS, and JS. It has a small footprint, no dependencies, and it's future-focused.

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Salvattore: An alternative to jQuery Masonry

Salvattore is a jQuery Masonry plugin alternative with CSS-driven configuration. It distributes your grid items to the number of columns you specify, and is easy to configure.

Penthouse: Critical path CSS generator

Penthouse is a critical path CSS generator for speeding up web page rendering. It looks at your full CSS in relation to the page and provides the CSS ...

Hover.css: CSS3-powered hover effects

Hover.css is a collection of CSS3-powered hover effects that you can use for things like links and buttons. It's easy to apply to your own elements, and also ...

deSVG: Remove inline SVG bloat

deSVG makes it simple to remove inline SVG bloat from your HTML. It allows you to style your SVGs with CSS, and keeps your SVGs accessible even without ...

Strip CSS Comments: Easily remove comments from your CSS

Strip CSS Comments makes it easy to do just that: remove comments from your CSS files, reducing file sizes. It's also available as a gulp/grunt/broccoli plugin.