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Gradient Inspector: Inspect CSS gradients in Chrome

Gradient Inspector is an extension that adds the ability to inspect the gradient of elements to Chrome's Developer Tools. You can even toggle each gradient individually.

Bragi: JavaScript logging in your browser

Bragi is a browser tool for JavaScript logging, designed for Chrome (but at least somewhat compatible with other browsers). It includes colors, custom log levels, and server reporting ...

Master Web Design with the CSS3 Handbook - only $14!

If you're a designer today, you already know the incredible value of CSS3. No longer simply a way to change up colors and fonts, CSS3 is a major ...

Dimensions Toolkit: Responsive website testing tools

The Dimensions Toolkit offers useful tools for testing your responsive website designs, with custom and default break points, resizable dimensions, and more. It's available as both a Chrome ...

localForage: Improved offline storage

localForage improves your web app's offline experience via asynchronous storage. It has fallbacks that make it compatible with every browser, though asynchronous storage is used for virtually all ...

Batman.js Devtools: Chrome developer utilities for Batman.js

If you work with Batman.js, this Batman.js Devtools Chrome extension is an invaluable tool. It includes a variety of tools useful for developing with Batman.js right in your ...

Object Playground: Visualize and experiment with JavaScript objects

Object Playground is a visualization and experimentation tool for JavaScript objects. It works right in your browser and is easy to use.

Clockwork: A Chrome PHP devtools panel

If you develop PHP and use Chrome, then check out the Clockwork Chrome extension. It provides a new panel with all kinds of useful debugging and profiling information, ... See how secure your site’s headers are checks your website's headers to see just how secure they are. Then it tells you where you can make improvements based on the recommendations of security experts.