Calendario – A flexible calendar jQuery plugin

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Calendario is an experimental jQuery plugin for trying out some grid layouts that can be applied to calendars. The aim is to provide a suitable layout for both, small and big screens and keeping the calendar structure fluid when possible.
Calendario - A flexible calendar jQuery plugin

  • Don’t know where it could be used, but looks great

  • Broken Brains

    This does not work in ie10 it displays the days on the following line breaking the css and does not display correctly in ie9 either….not sure what the problem is here?

  • Broken Brains

    i’ve played with this to get to fit i.e. still needs adjustment to make it looking visually better in all /* PLAY with height and width to get the */

    .fc-calendar .fc-row > div,

    .fc-calendar .fc-head > div {

    float: left;

    height: 80%;

    width: 10.28%; /* 100% / 7 */

    width: -moz-calc(98%/7);

    width: -webkit-calc(98%/7);

    width: -ms-calc(82%/7);

    width: calc(82%/7);

    position: relative;


    /* IE 9 is rounding up the calc it seems */

    .ie9 .fc-calendar .fc-row > div,

    .ie9 .fc-calendar .fc-head > div {

    width: 10.2%;


  • Broken Brains

    Does anyone know how to have todays date event open on the day for calendar2.htm?

  • noodvlpr

    any idea how to add data from database and display it on the calendar?

    • ano

      yes – simple… you make data.js to be dynamically created let’s say with php so you would call it data.php.. inside you would fetch all the results from database and echoing each one into the array