BootMetro – Metro style web framework

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BootMetro, with a Twitter Bootstrap base, offers simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for web apps that would like to use the now popular "Windows 8 MetroUI" style.
BootMetro - Metro style web framework


    This stuff rocks! WOW! LOVE IT!

  • TheJuan

    I had this idea and you beat me to it! I’m glad you did because you did such an amazing job, far better than I would have done. Congratulations and thanks for sharing it.

  • edvan

    goood job buddy.. 🙂

  • Venkat Raj

    I used my ipad to load the demo page. it didnot work as expected.Is this compatible with ipad and other tablet devices?

    • It should, it’s based in bootstrap and it works well in mobiles and tablets/ipads. (If well programmed of course)

    • coding solver

      same problem. bootmetro styles are not loaded by ipad..