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Botlytics: Analytics for your bots

Botlytics lets you monitor analytics for your bots, to track the conversations they have and the messages they send. It's a well-documented REST API.

Branches: Manage GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket projects from iOS

Branches is an iOS app that lets you manage your GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket projects from your iPhone or iPad. It lets you navigate open or closed issues, ...

A Perfect Duo of Beautiful Modern Calligraphy Fonts - only $9!

Add some serious elegance to your Typeface Library with this gorgeous Mighty Deal! You'll get 2 beautiful modern calligraphy fonts for 1 low price: Lettuce and Aqualita. With ...

DPM: A package manager for Sketch plugins

DPM is a package manager for Sketch plugins. It lets you simply keep plugins synced across teams and devices.

Whiteboard: Simply write beautiful API documentation

Whiteboard makes it easy to write beautiful API documentation. It's a NodeJS based project inspired by the Ruby-based Slate API documentation tool.

sQuery: Library of chain methods for Sketch

sQuery is a small library of chain methods "in a jQuery way" for Sketch. It makes the selection and filter task a little easier.

HackMyResume: Tools for better resumes and CVs

HackMyResume is a "Swiss-army knife" for resumes and CVs. It works with any Fresh or JSON resume theme, and generates a variety of file formats: HTML, Word, Markdown, ...

Slap: Terminal-based text editor

Slap is a Terminal-based text editor that is much like Sublime. It includes first-class mouse support, autoindentation, infinite undo/redo, and much more.

Nestor: A programmable slack bot

Nestor is a programmable slack bot that lets you program without any servers. It uses a very simple JavaScript API so you can get your app up and ...