Glide.js: Touch-friendly jQuery slider

Glide.js is a touch-friendly jQuery slider that's simple, responsive, and fast. It's lightweight thanks to its modular structure, very flexible, and easy to integrate and theme.

Javascript  -  JSON  -  UI

Right-height: Dynamically make content containers the same height

Right-height dynamically makes your content containers the same height, regardless of content length. Just include it on your site, add the markup to your HTML, and initialize it ...

55 Logo Templates with Monogram Incorporated - only $12!

Some logos are just more mature than others. And with this Mega Monogram Bundle, you'll be able to show your clients that you truly mean business! This Mighty ...

HTML  -  Javascript  -  UI

Houdini: A simple collapse-and-expand widget

Houdini is a simple collapse-and-expand widget that's production-ready. Just include it on your site, add the markup to your HTML, and initialize it to get it up and ...

Gumshoe: A framework-agnostic scrollspy script

Gumshoe is a simple, framework-agnostic scrollspy script. It's easy to get started and fully documented.

[be]lazy.js: Lazy loading and multi-serving images

[be]lazy.js is a lazy loading and multi-serving image script. It's lightweight and has options for breakpoints, offsets, separators, and more.

Rucksack: A collection of CSS features

Rucksack is a collection of CSS "superpowers" that are modular and lightning fast. It's built on PostCSS, and includes features like responsive typography, shorthand positioning, input styling, and ... Directory of handpicked code snippets is a curated directory of code snippets for your projects. It makes it easy to find inspiration for things like CSS accordions, forms, and more.

Wallop: Minimal library for showing and hiding things

Wallop is a minimal (4kb) library for showing and hiding things. It adds helper HTML classes in the correct HTML elements and previous and next buttons, to let ...