Baffle.js: A library for obfuscating and revealing text in DOM elements

Baffle.js is a JavaScript library designed for obfuscating and revealing text in DOM elements. It's tiny at just 1.8kb.

Waud.js: Web audio library

Waud.js is a web audio library that has an HTML5 audio fallback. It lets you take advantage of the Web Audio API for controlling audio capabilities of your ...

450+ Beautiful Design Elements by Joanne Marie - only $19!

Get yourself an instant collection of artistic awesomeness in 1 fabulous Mighty Deal! This Joanne Marie Shop Bundle features more than 450 high-quality fonts, logos, backgrounds, patterns, brushes, ...

Responsive HTML Email Template: A really simple HTML email template

If all you want is a simple HTML email template, then this Responsive HTML Email Template is perfect. It even works with services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.


Starability: Accessible star ratings

Starability makes it simple to create accessible star ratings in a number of animated styles. And it's all done in pure HTML and CSS.

CSS Stats: Visualize your CSS stats

CSS Stats makes it easy to visualize information about your CSS, or CSS for various popular frameworks. It's easy to set up and requires node.

Pusher: Push notifications API

Pusher is a mobile push notifications API. It lets you build cross platform apps and send programmable push notifications to iOS and Android devices. It's free, and you an ...

Scrollanim: Create stunning scoll animations

Scrollanim uses CSS3 and JavaScript to create stunning scroll animations. It works anywhere and is only 9kb.

Typr.js: Process fonts in JavaScript

Typr.js is a font processor for JavaScript. It's light, small, and ultra fast.