Thao Framework: Minimal CSS framework for easier web development

The Thao Framework is a minimal CSS framework for easier web development. It's written and compiled in LESS, is lightweight, and lacks any JavaScript code.

Semantic UI 2.0: Design beautiful websites quicker

Semantic UI 2.0 is a development framework that helps create attractive, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML. It includes 129 enhancements over version 1.0, as well as 118 bug ...

Adagio Serif Family (18 Modern Fonts) - only $17!

The Adagio Font Family continues with Adagio Serif! Similar to its sister font, also available as Mighty Deals (Adagio Sans), the Adagio Serif Family was designed to put ...

Unyson: Fast and easy WordPress theme framework

Unyson is a fast and easy to use WordPress framework for developing premium themes. It offers tons of customization options and extensive documentation and support.

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Rebar: SASS/Stylus grid framework

Rebar is a responsive SASS/Stylus grid framework. It keeps your CSS organized and makes your development more efficient.

Sassy-validation: Data type validation library

Sassy-validation is a SASS data type validation library. It's a handy addition for SASS projects that use @functions and/or @mixins.

Sassy-exists: Micro library for existence checks

Sassy-exists is a SASS micro library for existence checks. It provides alternative syntax for variable-exists, function-exists, feature-exists, and more.

Outline: Clean and simple framework

Outline is a clean and simple, responsive CSS starter boilerplate. It's modular and mobile-first, and built with SASS.

Trine: Utility library for modern JavaScript

Trine is a utility library for modern JavaScript that lets you tap into the full potential of functional programming in JS. It's designed to be modular from the ...