PencilBlue: A open source Node.js CMS

PencilBlue is an open source Node.js content management system that's fully responsive and completely scalable. It's extendable, easy to use, and is great for more than just blogs.

Pioneer: An easy to understand JavaScript DSL

Pioneer is an easy to understand JavaScript DSL to interact with your app using a real browser, for testing its state compared to expectations. It makes it easier ...

Master Web Design with the CSS3 Handbook - only $14!

If you're a designer today, you already know the incredible value of CSS3. No longer simply a way to change up colors and fonts, CSS3 is a major ...

Enyo: Build native-quality HTML5 apps

Enyo is a framework for building native-quality HTML5 apps. It's cross-platform compatible and battle tested.

Front-end Boilerplate: An easy way to start your web projects

Front-end Boilerplate is an easy way to get your web projects started, that's pre-configured for LESS and SASS. It's agnostic for front-end dependencies, so you can use it ...

Squire: An HTML5 rich text editor

Squire is an HTML5 rich text editor that includes cross-browser normalization. It's lightweight and flexible, and was written as a component for writing documents rather than web pages.

MNML: A responsive website template

MNML is a responsive website template for designing in the browser. It's less than 2kb minified and 1.2kb gzipped, and includes smarter type defaults.

Foundation for Apps: A front-end framework for responsive apps

Foundation for Apps is a frontend framework for creating fully responsive apps. It lets you build any kind of web app, with a completely new grid system for ...

CSS Burrito: An organizational Sass template

CSS Burrito is an organizational Sass template that includes four main elements: application.scss, libs, six core components, and modules. It's goal is to keep your code organized so ...